Retraite de Yoga

1, 2 et 3 octobre

Mokorreko broda – Etxalar (Navarre)

250€ (230€ pour les élèves de Denen Yoga)


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Venez vivre une expérience profonde de Yoga dans un cadre propice. 

La retraite est comme son nom l’indique, le fait de se retirer de sa “vie”, pour déconnecter, pour prendre de la perspective, et surtout pour se reconnecter avec soi-même. 
Quel meilleur menu que le Yoga avec les postures et la respiration consciente, en plein milieu de la nature, tout ceci porté par un groupe bienveillant comme seul on peut en trouver dans le monde du Yoga. 
Avec Xabi Andonegui, co-directeur de Denen Yoga à Hendaye et pionnier de L’ Ashtanga Yoga au pays basque. Élève direct de Matthew Sweeney.

Yoga beyond Asana with Damien de Bastier.

5, 6 et 7 novembre

Trois matins Mysore + trois après-midi d’Anatomie et de Philosophie.

École Denen Yoga (Hendaye)



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Taller Damien

Yoga beyond asana

Is a platform developed by Damien de Bastier to deepen your yoga practice by exploring some of the traditional texts of the enormous yogic literature written over the centuries and thus remain fairly close to the original intentions of yoga: Using yoga to live healthier and happier, and ultimately with more freedom. With that in mind, the philosophy classes are not aimed at scholarly rendering the exact meaning of the texts but more as springboards for inquiry, reflections, and collecting tools that could be useful on and off the yoga mats in our modern lives. A yoga of the mind if you will.

Since modern yoga also implies an extensive use of the body through various asana practices, Damien deems useful to cultivate a holistic understanding of how our body works in order to provide a safer approach to practice but also a deeper joy in exploring and expressing an embodiment of intelligence in action. Thus the anatomy classes are aimed to simplify complex theories with practical  explorations and always answering the question of “how is that useful to me and my yoga practice” throughout..


There are 6 modules in this series that aim at providing broad and comprehensive understanding of yoga from 3 perspectives: Yoga practice, Yoga philosophy and Yoga anatomy.
We’ll study some of the key texts left from over 4000 years of yoga development,
as well as 6 of the key anatomical systems of the body relevant to movement practices and yogic studies. Each module includes a focus of internal and external applications to nourish our practice.


Module 1 = Foundations of yogic living

. Mysore / yoga practice

. Vedas / Upanishads

. Funanatomy of the skeletal system


Module 2 = The journey of the hero

. Mysore/yoga practice

. Funanatomy of the muscular system

. The Bhagavad Gita

Module 3 = Finding harmony within

. Mysore/yoga practice

. Funanatomy of organ system

. Intro to Ayurveda

Module 4 = Weaving the fabric of life

. Mysore / yoga practice

. Anatomy of fascial system

. Philosophy of Tantra yoga


Module 5 = Awakening the central channel

. Mysore / yoga practice

. Anatomy of nervous system

. Yoga sutras of patanjali


Module 6 = Nourishing the energy within

. Mysore / yoga practice

. Anatomy of acupuncture meridians

. Philosophy of Hatha yoga pradipika



Module 1: Foundations of yogic living

In this first module in the “yoga beyond Asana” series we’ll look into the highlights of the Vedas and Upanishads and glean elements of Vedic yoga. We’ll delve into spiritual poetry and work our self awareness muscles through directed journaling of powerful questions.

In the anatomy sessions we’ll inquire into the navigational jargon of anatomy and approach the skeletal system through its 9 main joint complexes (much easier that trying to figure out the 206 bones and 360 individual that comprise the body) and apply that understanding to alignment of structures throughout the ashtanga practice. We will also learn the CAR system (controled Articular Rotations) as a great warm up and therapeutic tool. It will be fun, nourishing and hopefully a bit enlightening..





Damien has been practicing and studying yoga for over 30 years. As a struggling teenager he was introduced to transcendental meditation and followed the path of yogic wisdom ever since. On his journey to more balance, joy and understanding Damien amassed degrees in clinical psychology, Ashtanga yoga, yoga therapy and various forms of bodywork that he integrates in his teachings. When He is not cleaning the floor of his yoga shala Ubuntu in Bali, Damien travels the world and tries to shares his passion for yoga with humor, wisdom and compassion. , instagram @yogadamien , Facebook @Damien de bali.





Friday 15/10

Saturday 16/10

Sunday 17/10


7-9 Mysore practice

8-10 Mysore practice

8-10 Mysore practice







11-13 Yoga Anatomy

11-13 Yoga Anatomy







15-17 Yoga Philosophy

15-17 Yoga Philosophy


16-18 Yoga Anatomy

17-18 Q&A

17-18 Q&A + closing







Yoga Philosophy





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Yoga philosophy

In the philosophy sessions of this module we’ll explore the foundation of yoga spirituality, namely the Vedas & Upanishads. Where we’ll use the inspiration of the ancient sages to help us live our own life with more inspiration and reverence. Also we’ll use the material of the Upanishads as a springboard to reflect and inquire into ourselves through powerful questions and cultivate a yoga for the mind to drop into the vibrant fabric of the living.


Yoga anatomy

In the anatomy sessions of this module we’ll use the parallel of the Vedas as the foundation of yoga to explore the foundation of our body, namely the skeletal system. Without getting too technical but remaining 100% practical we’ll deepen our understanding of how our joints articulate through alignment, biomechanics and physiology in order to support our yoga practice and unwind blockages and limitations.


Mysore practice

As the traditional form of practice of Ashtanga yoga, mysore is a space to connect with oneself, cultivate meditative awareness and integrate some of the awareness cultivated in the anatomy

sessions by applying some of the tools on a per needed basis..